What Is Mass Communication?

Mass communication is everywhere around us! It comes in various forms, from the ads on our screens to the podcasts we listen to during our commutes. You're in the right place for those curious about how information spreads. Mass communication is similar to the game of telephone but on a much larger scale. Just like how a secret gets muddled up when whispered from one person to another, information gets disseminated to millions, which is how news, entertainment, and ideas spread simultaneously. So, next time you're scrolling through your news feed or watching your favourite TV show, you can feel like you're part of the magical world of mass communication!

Type Of Mass Communication

Mass communication has a few different types with a specific approach. Some major types of Mass communication include:

First, there are the very original and old print media. Anything published in print form, from newspapers, and magazines to books, is a print medium.

Of Course, there are electronic media as well. From television and radio to the internet. It's just a little newer than print media, but thanks to the invention of electricity, we used it as a communication medium too.

Then we also have our dear advertisements that can be seen everywhere, including TV, magazines, billboards, and mobile phones. Advertisements have been around for a long even without print media existence. People could paint and make signs or graphics for promotion.

Lastly, public relations is another type of mass communication that one may come across. This is all about managing an organization's image and reputation, and it can involve things like writing press releases, organizing events, and responding to media inquiries.

Last but not least, we have interpersonal communication. This is communication between people, but it can still be considered mass communication if it's happening on a large scale. Think about political rallies, town hall meetings, or even online forums.

Nowadays, Social Media has combined advertising, public relations, and interpersonal communication to create a different kind of Mass communication field in a single place- Social Media Platforms. We see them daily; youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. are some examples.

It's a fascinating field that's always evolving, so who knows what we'll see in the years to come!

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What Is Theory in Mass Communication?

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Theory in mass communication is mostly a set of principles and ideas that help us understand the entire work of mass communication. These theories can include broad concepts like the media's impact on people or specific ideas like the scope of advertising.

But why at all is theory important in mass communication? One- it helps us make sense of the communication media world around us. By studying and applying these communication and media theories, we deeply understand how mass communication affects us as individuals and society.

Furthermore, utilizing theoretical concepts can aid in prophesying and influencing forthcoming patterns within mass communication. Comprehending the fundamental principles encapsulating media communications and patterns, we can foresee impending changes and adjust our strategies accordingly.

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